Los Angeles (Mini Documentary)

Defining Dynamics Workshop Highlights

What is the Defining Dynamics Workshop?

Defining Dynamics Highlights (2014)

Program Videos

NorCal (Vol 1) “Uptown Funk”

NorCal (Vol 1) Performance

Los Angeles (Vol 5) “i”

Los Angeles (Vol 5) Performance

Los Angeles (Vol 4) “Let it Go”

Los Angeles (Vol 4) Performance

Los Angeles (Vol 3) “Am I Wrong?”

Los Angeles (Vol 3) Performance

Boston (Vol 2) “Masterpiece”

Boston (Vol 2) Performance

Los Angeles (Vol 2) “The Movement”

Los Angeles (Vol 2) Performance

New York (Vol 6) “I’m Just Sayin”

New York (Vol 6) Performance

New York (Vol 5) “Rather Be”

New York (Vol 5) Performance

New York (Vol 4) “Infinite”

New York (Vol 4) Performance

New York (Vol 3) “Just Do You”

New York (Vol 3) Performance

Los Angeles (Vol 1) “Louder”

Los Angeles (Vol 1) Performance

Boston (Vol 1) “Love Letter to the Beat”

Bostons (Vol 1) Performance

Chicago (Vol 2) “Revolution”

Chicago (Vol 2) Performance

New York (Vol 2) “Scars”

New York (Vol 2) Performance

New York (Vol 1) “Higher Ground”

New York (Vol 1) Performance

Chicago (Vol 1) “Glory”

Chicago (Vol 1) Performance

Toronto (Vol 1) “New Day”

Toronto (Vol 1) Performance