“EYE is an inspirational and empowering program that forced me out of my comfort zone. It’s not just for dancers. It is for true artists, leaders and trailblazers- for those who wish to confront their biggest fears and smash them to pieces. ”

Brianna Mercado
EYE NY Vol. 6

“My Establish Your Empire Experience happened at time in my life when I was really questioning myself as a dancer. I was taking classes and attending rehearsals, but felt that I had lost the fight and hunger that I once had. Never before had I felt a greater need for more purpose and intention–Gigi, Beverly and my fellow dancers gave me just that. I completed the program feeling more capable of reaching my goals and realized that it’s okay to dream big, as scary as it can be.

Perhaps my most important takeaway from EYE was a newfound self-trust. I learned to have more faith in my body and ideas. Countless creatives limit themselves simply out of fear; missing all of the opportunities that open up outside of your comfort zone. I learned that it is not about being this idea of the “perfect dancer,” but rather about being the best representation of who you are as an artist. The push that EYE gave me inspired me to not be afraid to show the world what I have to offer.

EYE also provided me with the tools and “tough love” necessary to accomplish great things in our industry and community. I am forever grateful to Gigi and Beverly for their mentorship and for planting the seed that I needed to grow as not only as a dancer but an artist. I am beyond excited to see where the momentum created in EYE takes me in my career.”

Omari Allen
EYE NY Vol. 6

“Establish your Empire has not only changed me as a mover but has pushed me to face myself as a human and really question what was holding me back. By simply acknowledging the fear, I was able to eliminate it and move towards growth. This environment was free from judgement so it was easy to form a tight-knit community based on common experiences and passion. I am so grateful to have been a part of the intensive and even more so happy to be in the ever-expanding EYE family!”

Allie Costello
EYE LA Vol.6

“The experience and process was beyond amazing!  It allowed artists to be more than just dancers while Gigi’s Energy is a room really adds to meaning to what and why we’re doing it.  To be around a leader who can both challenge you and inspire you at the same time is often very rare.  I am glad to have been apart of this experience!!  I highly suggest this for any artists looking for inspiration and a challenge both as a human and performer! Many KUDOS to the EYE Experience!!”

Nicki Niemet
EYE Chicago Vol. 4

“I didn’t know what to expect from my first EYE experience. It was both mentally and physically challenging, and was my first real foray into dancing to industry standards. Every day was certainly nerve wracking, wondering if I was going to do well. But Gigi pushed us all to our outermost limits without losing faith in us and I could not have asked for anything more. EYE definitely helped me to become a better dancer, but more than that, I gained confidence that I had been lacking for so many years. Thanks Gigi, and thank you Establish Your Empire!”

Rowan Quinain
EYE Chicago Vol 4

“Thank you for reaching out to me. I had such a rewarding experience participating in the Chicago and LA EYE Programs. Inspiring, encouraging, rewarding are all words that I would use to describe my experience.

INSPIRED: I was inspired by Gigi, Seth, and Bev whom spent hours in the studio coaching, staging, and critiquing elements of my movement and performance.

ENCOURAGED: I was encouraged by the positive feedback that I received, as well as the the energy and desire for growth from those dancing next to me.

REWARDING: I gained a number of new training techniques, experienced unique performance experiences, developed new friendships, and discovered a great deal about myself as an human and as an artist.

Participating in this program, has helped in more ways than I could have imaged. I feel very supported by my EYE family, and appreciate the continued benefits that I have received following my experience. Gigi is a wonderful and passionate educator, and I am very glad I made the investment to participated in her EYE Program.”

Krista Ellensohn
EYE Chicago Vol. 2 & EYE LA Vol. 4

“I started dancing very late and I knew I had it in me but I doubted myself based on time and experience. This program really gave me room to grow and be vulnerable around other like minded artist. I saw a lot of growth in my movement and discipline. I was able to like let go and look forward to a brighter future. Since doing this program, I have been teaching and performing more, moved to LA and training, but most importantly loving me and my story.”

Jamal Rasheed
EYE NY Vol. 7

“Being part of Establish Your Empire change my perspective of dance 360°. It was just the first time that I had the opportunity to stay in LA for a while to take class. Then, when I noticed that this could help the way I dance and my focus, I didn’t think it twice to audition. After the amazing week I found my purpose of dancing and also, the way everyone express themselves just made my start believing in myself. Nowadays, I continue using my diary in where i can write all my thoughts and goals.

Sending big love from Peru to all EYE alumni that are spread all over the World and also to those special persons that were constantly taking care of me, the EYE Faculty.”

Elluz Sanchez
EYE LA Vol. 4

“The eye experience was truly a very special experience for me. The program (Gigi and the mentors) made me BELIEVE in myself and my craft more than anyone has made me do in a long time. It opened my eyes to what I already had (in my toolbox) and gave me new stuff as well. I did things that week that I did not know I was capable of! I met amazing people from all over the world that inspired me so much.
I’m proud and grateful to be apart of the EYEFAM!”

Sara Einbu
EYE LA Vol. 5