Build Your Brand Program

eyeprogramrHello Empire Builders! I started my Establish Your Empire dance program 5 years ago & have produced 30 programs all over the country with over 400 alumni members. I created the dance program because I saw a missing piece in the community and industry that I was around, which was personalized training for dancers learning in a supportive, constructive environment that was more than just a class. For the past year, I’ve been in hermit mode researching the industry and community & it’s aspiring and established Creators to see what’s missing. The missing piece is the understanding of how to brand yourself as a Creator and what it takes to create a sustainable life.
I believe that as an Artist, we need to have a healthy balance of artistry & entrepreneurship. Artistry is who we are and what we do & Entrepreneurship is how we keep it moving.
From there, it’s creating something from nothing to fill the missing pieces & will be sure to give value, knowledge, & motivation for our artistic, entrepreneurial, & personal journey! The past 6 months have been about building, laying foundation, & structuring this new program. I’m so excited to bring this new program to the community and industry. I am dedicated to guiding the next generation of Creators and Leaders to their highest potential because everyone can and deserves to build the empire they dream of.