Establish Your Empire was created by Gigi Torres in 2012. After a decade of teaching nationally and internationally, her vision was to bring the community more than just a Master Class, but an experience that will teach them more than movement. Gigi brought forth her vision and started Establish Your Empire in Toronto, Canada. Her mission is to create connection, motivation, and forward momentum with all the artists she teaches and mentors. Gigi has brought her program to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Toronto with a total of 25 programs and over 300 alumni members.

Establish Your Empire  is a company designed to guide dancers and choreographers to a higher level of their artistry. The Establish Your Empire programs bring experience, inspiration, and direction for a successful dance career in their artistic journey. By supplying dancers and choreographers with the knowledge and tools to survive in a fast paced entertainment industry, they will gain confidence to reach past their potential and continue to Establish Their Own Empire.


Guiding Dancers to reach past their potential by elevating their quality of movement and mindset.